» We execute experiences to help your church gain new relationships with your community.


 Do you ever feel…

… stressed to find time to do everything your church aims to accomplish?

… like your church struggles to meet unchurched people in your community?

… unsupported as a church leader?

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We want to help your church meet even more new people.

Here’s how:


1 » Book An Experience

Choose to either bring an unprecedented day camp experience to your community or to attend an intimate workshop experience for your leadership team.


2 » Gain Trust With Your Community

Not everyone in your community is thinking about church. Create common ground with your community to reach people outside your walls.

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3 » Meet New People

Celebrate with your church by growing your relationships and becoming the type of church that meets new people.


Book Your Experience


We know there are people in our communities who are not going to think about coming to our buildings on Sunday morning. But they will bring their child to an amazing day camp experience.

That's why we've developed the following experiences... to create places in the community that provide common ground and to help you become the type of church that meets new people.


An unprecedented day camp experience for completed K-8th grade students that our team executes for you. WinShape Camps will help your church leaders meet even more new families in your community.

A one-day, intimate workshop experience for you and your team to learn the 4 pillars of meeting new people and walk away with a clear plan for your church to grow your ministry.

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“The unique combination of outstanding young adult talent, programming, and community partnerships with businesses, such as Chick-fil-A, is generating rave reviews.

They’re producing an affordable, memorable and spiritually focused experience that cannot be duplicated on the local level.”

» Dan Cathy

CEO, Chick-fil-A®

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» Free PDF Guide for Your Next Staff Meeting

Download this FREE PDF guide to learn how your church can better break the holy huddle and execute impactful community events. You will learn how to gain meaningful support for your next big idea by using the following steps:

1 » Unify Your Leadership Team

2 » Rally Your Congregation

3 » Partner with Like-Minded Businesses

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Join over 800 churches reaching deeper into their communities.


Some encouragement from our leaders to yours: