The Connect Workshop

A one-day workshop experience to help your church meet new people.


How It Works:

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Unite your team and cast a compelling vision for your church’s future.

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Develop a clear strategy by learning our 5-ingredient recipe.

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Become the type of church that meets new people.



We have all been to big ministry conferences and left feeling motivated and confident… but at the same time, it can feel like you don’t actually have a practical next step to get your church where you want it to be.

This workshop is different.

You will leave the Connect Workshop experience with tangible strategies to get your church out of its walls and in front of people who are not thinking about church. Learn our proven 5-ingredient recipe to meet new people that we have developed after partnering with over 800 churches in our 11 years of ministry. Unite your leadership team to become laser-beam-focused on a central goal for your church’s future.


 Meet Your Guides

After working alongside over 800 churches to execute gospel-centered community experiences, we have developed a proven recipe for success that your church can use no matter how big your congregation, or where your building is located.

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Plan your next step in becoming a church that meets even more people:

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What’s Coming Next

We know it can be overwhelming keeping your team inspired and on the same page, while also trying to develop new relationships. We care about your church’s success and we want to help you become the type of church that meets even more new people.

We’re in the process of developing the following resources for you and your church. Reserve your spot for the Connect Workshop today and feel welcomed to learn more about what’s to come:



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A one-day, intimate workshop experience for you and your team that gives proven strategies, designed for your specific setting, to help your church continue to meet more people.




connect ministries book

A guide for your team to learn our proven 5-step strategy that will enable your church to meet new people in your community.



A survey tool that helps you see your church objectively and enables you to capitalize on those insights to become more effective at meeting new people.