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Don't Be Superman »

Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing it all yourself. Despite all your amazing skills and superpowers, it’s overwhelming planning big events, new programs, and Sunday services all by yourself. But the truth is… you don’t have to be Superman and do everything alone. 

You deserve time to enjoy your success. Playing a great “point guard” is always the best way to do that. A true point guard on the basketball floor sets their team members up to win by distributing the ball around the court. They set the tone for success.

There is no greater feeling when someone else is winning because you passed them the ball. It’s no longer about what you can do by yourself, but about how much you can accomplish by relying on those you trust.


3 Proven Ways that will Maximize Your Community Outreach »

Here are 3 proven characteristics that we've seen help churches defeat the Superman Syndrome and create the most impact for their community events. Use this as a strategy for planning your next outreach event.

Feel free to take interactive notes as you go along so you can bring fresh ideas back to your team.



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