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» Crunch Time

What’s the most important 24 hours for your church? You might be thinking of Christmas or Easter? You’re close, but the answer might surprise you. 

After helping over 800 churches meet new people in their community, we’ve learned that the first 24 hours after a big event is essential to following up with new visitors to your church. Creating a follow up strategy right after you’ve finished a big event for your church can be overwhelming, that’s why we want to give you these key follow up strategies so you have more time to celebrate your ministry.

» Create a Follow Up Plan That Works

Here are 3 proven strategies to create a follow up plan for your church’s next event. Use these ideas and techniques to create the most impact for your church’s visitors.

1 »  Recruit the Right People:

Finding a team is essential to effectively follow up with church visitors. Recruit a team of trusted people and ask each of them to make no more than 10 phone calls to new visitors right after an event. The larger your team, the more likely you can prevent people from burning out. It’s tempting to think that people will not readily volunteer, but these three personality traits will help you recruit the right people: 1) a Heart for God, 2) a Strong Work Ethic, and 3) a Teachable Spirit.

• Who can you recruit for your Follow Up team? Who in your congregation has a heart for God, a strong work ethic, or a teachable spirit?


2 »  Create Engaging Moments:

Provide a creative, engaging, and unintrusive way to gather contact information from new people who visit your church. Whether it is a scavenger hunt, raffle entry, or digital RSVP, your visitors will be more excited to provide their contact information with an exciting activity. 

• What is an engaging moment your church can execute? How can you serve your visitors, while also getting their contact information without being intrusive?

3 »  Follow Up Fast:

The first 24 hours after an event is crucial. A personal phone call accompanied with a simple invitation to your next event or service will show your guests even more intentionality. Provide a simple script for your team members to follow as they make their phone calls, so your team is never lost for words.

• How can you prepare for your next event with this 24 Hour Follow Up Plan in mind? What is the next logical step for a church visitor who wants to get plugged into your church?


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