You should not have to feel unsupported as a church leader. We understand it can be overwhelming executing your day-to-day ministry while also trying to develop relationships with new people. Use the resources below to help equip your church to leave a lasting legacy in your community.

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We know there are people in our communities who are not going to think about coming to our buildings on Sunday morning. But they will bring their child to an amazing day camp.

That's why we've developed the following experiences... to create places in the community that provide common ground and to help you become the type of church that meets new people.


What Church Leaders Like You are Saying


“It was the greatest outreach that I’ve seen our church do.”



“Never before have I seen so many churches sharing buildings, budgets, and staff as we cooperate together to share Christ with the families in our neighborhoods.”



“Each afternoon my staff was able to meet new families. It was such a blessing to our church.”

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Free Ideas + Insights

After working alongside over 800 churches, we have collected insights and ideas from church leaders, like yourself, who are passionate about reaching their communities. The following tools are designed to give those ideas and best practices to you for your own goals in ministry.


Hear some of the most impactful and practical ways to reach your community.


Bring these practical strategies to your next team meeting.


Use these inspiring methods to enhance your church leadership.


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